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Non Profit Organizations

Do you want the income statement, balance sheet, revenue support schedules or functional expense statement or individual program expense statement done professionally for your non-profit? Call our staff right away and tell us your needs! We Advantage Accounting & Tax, Florida are adept in managing your non-profit organization’s tax filing activities through our expertise in this arena.

Opt for our accounting and tax services for nonprofit organizations

Many non-profit organizations are unaware about their tax filing responsibilities as they assume that since they are not a commercial enterprise, there is no need to bother about their returns. Did you know that the IRS requires such organizations to actually submit a Form 990 and its associated forms along with Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Functional Expense Statement etc? Why?

Our bookkeeping solutions for nonprofit organizations are custom-crafted for your specific needs

It uses such details to determine if the organization can still be classified as tax-exempt or is not accountable to submit taxes. Count of us to get them ready for you so that filing is done with appropriate submissions on time. With Advantage Accounting & Tax you get professional management of IRS reporting. Here is a look at how we offer assistance in accounting and tax services for nonprofit organizations:

  • Financial statement compilation
  • Payroll preparation and methods to do it effectively
  • Training your staff on how to use non-profit financial statement and best methods for budgeting
  • Preparing taxable amount for payroll and also deposits
  • Training your accounting personnel
  • Preparing and filing 990 and 990T tax forms
  • Create the 501 (c)(3) application for tax-exempt status if your organization is a start-up

Tax preparation and planning for non profit organizations

Our local Florida staffs are experts in carrying out tax reporting activities and subsequent filing for non-profit organization and will train your staff the latest practices as well as implement the best methods for accounts maintenance and filing returns are carried out smoothly. All that we need from your side are a couple of details on your organization such as:

  • Documentation detailing on how the organization was formed and its history
  • Organization’s activities, operations, programs and mission statement
  • Information about liabilities, assets, lease agreements and contracts
  • Statement of revenue and expense and details on how financial support is gained
  • Various fund raising programs and their details

Your premier nonprofit accounting firm near your location in Florida

All such details collected from you by our staff will be quickly and efficiently processed and in a short while, then we will prepare the information needed for your IRS filing needs. Our staff have 20+ years of local experience and will work quietly, confidentially, ensuring that all aspects that have to be checked and reviewed are conveyed before determining the need for filing.

Advantage Accounting & Tax – Experts in non-profit accounting and tax services

Non-profit organizations need an efficient system in place for accounting, finance management and most importantly for tax filing. Contact us to get more details on how to carry out such activities with the highest accuracy and efficiency. Rest assured that when you come to us, the entire tax reporting process is clarified in detail and carried out with the highest efficiency.