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Small Business Payroll

It is estimated that a business owner spends an average of eight hours per month for payroll activities. What if there is a way through which you could save all that precious time without wasting a lot of money? Presenting comprehensive small business payroll services that give you access to the best of all payroll-related services.

Why you should outsource your payroll activities from Advantage Accounting & Tax?


One of the first reasons you should outsource your payroll services is to save precious time, time that you might waste on ensuring compliance. The time taken to enter data into the payroll system can also be saved and by using software, this information can be captured easily.


In case you thought this is an expensive affair, you could actually save money by outsourcing the payroll services as it eliminates the need for software. Most of the software solutions get replaced by a cloud-based system which means there is no need to buy the software or its license to be installed on multiple computers.

Focus Where it Matters

Your strength lies in doing your business and taking decisions. By outsourcing payroll service, you can focus on effectively running your business and taking strategic decisions for the growth of your organization.


Regulatory requirements for tax keep changing on a daily basis. It can be very hard for businesses to keep themselves updated on these regulations and avoid any penalties. Once it is outsourced, the payroll company takes care of ensuring that these requirements are met and making overpayments of the payroll taxes.

Reports and Security

Get reports and dashboards that provide you with full information on the employees, cost and status of the payment. Also, it helps you in forecasting your requirements for the future and plan staffing accordingly. Since most of the payroll information is online, companies focus extra on the security of the reports and therefore, you can save money that needs to be spent on infrastructure and security.

What we could do for you?

  • Get access to payroll reports right on time every time.
  • Simple and easy to understand reports segregated into monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and annual reports.
  • User-friendly and simple systems so you can access without any hassle
  • Detailed New hire reports, leave reports and vacation reports
  • All payroll related records in the best condition
  • No worrying about IRS tax problems and state tax reports

Other accessible reports include:

  • Worker’s Compensation Audits
  • Unemployment Claims
  • Social Security Audits
  • Child Support Audits
  • W-2 and W-3 processing
  • 1099 and 1096 processing
  • Preparation/assistance with Federal and State registration forms

Reliable small business payroll services you can count on

Get in touch with us to get personalized recommendations on our small business payroll services that are best suited for your business. Our expert guidance and best in class software are just what you need to keep your payroll worries at bay. Get an appointment today and transform your business at a minimal cost.