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Small Business Tax Problems

Each year, businesses in Florida run into tax problems that can be avoided otherwise. Every tax law that affects the enterprise needs your attention. Any failure to comply with the same results in penalties and interest costing your business a lot of money. Even when things are smooth and looks good at the end of the year, it is crucial to reflect back on what went well and what didn’t work out. Whether there’s room to improve and how to plan and achieve in the year to come?

Too Many Deductions

At Advantage Accounting & Tax , we think end of the year is the perfect time to strike the right balance between planning and sticking to the major priorities till it is finished for the year. Your first steps involve sitting down and looking over the numbers yourself. Then comes, these tax problems to haunt the business owners all-year round.

IRS Audit Representation

Understanding that a tax deduction is the expense that Internal Revenue Service (IRS) allows your business to subtract from its adjusted gross income, it allows you to avoid paying taxes on operational expenses. Overstating deductions on client gifts, business travel and capital expenditures but if these deductions are extensive, the Internal Revenue Service may raise eyebrows. The IRS has many rules that surrounds the type and percentage of that expense can be deductible. Additionally, if your numbers are round figures and you are estimating, you might grab the attention of the investigators as very few receipts are even.

No Track of deductible expenses

This happens often if as a small business owner you pay for business expenses with your personal funds. You may use your personal credit card for treating a client or your own cash while traveling for business purposes. While you do that, this costs you more than you realize as your business is losing out on available tax deductions. Keeping all your receipts allows your business to maximize these opportunities when the business can reimburse personal expenditures. The business can deduct valid expenses on its tax return later.

Not taking help from professionals

While it may entice you to take care of tax preparation and returns on your own, these software are tedious. No matter, how user-friendly with a step-by-step approach, the company might lose out on a full array of deductions if not backed by a professional. Our local accountants and tax professionals navigate accounting and tax responsibilities with every detail of current tax laws. They are able to identify the legal ways to reduce tax bills apart from accurate preparation of taxes.

Assistance for Payroll Tax Problems in Florida

It is easier to get bogged down with so much on your plate already. That is where Advantage Accounting & Tax comes into play and streamlines your team’s productivity. All you need to do is organize your statements, financial reports and prepare to schedule an appointment with an accountant who assists with filing your tax return. In fact our experience covers the whole realm of accounting and tax business advisory and complies with tax-effective strategies. Schedule your free consultation with one of our certified professional accountant on how to resolve small business tax problems.